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Life is calling. Let's Co-Create Community, Connection, Collaboration, Consciousness

Open yourself to a new world of your own creation. In love, fully alive. Living a life you want to live

Meet the Angel

Kay The Angel of The New Age of LoveI, The Angel, wish you many peaceful moments. As The Angel, I know what it is to be in Heaven. I know what it feels like to live without blame or fear or anger. I know what it is to live in perfect peace and harmony free of all discord, living as both an individual part and as an integrated whole with others of like energy. I loved to dance and sway in the highest reaches of Heaven in intricate patterns of energy with a multitude of others in a body-less and blissful state of Be-ing. It was perfection.

Then a call came asking for volunteers to come to Earth to help her through her great transformation. You needed me and so I came...and in coming I forgot everything. I forgot who and what I was. I forgot all about the energies of Heaven. But as I lived and grew in this world that never quite fit, I knew in my heart that there was something more - that I was something more. My awakening unfolded with Divine timing so I would be ready in the right way at the right time and not a moment sooner. All along there was a hunger to be more than I was. I didn't have the tools to understand that this hunger was my yearning to return to the blissful state of Be-ing that had enveloped me for aeons.

The Angel showing her wings

Since joining with The Fairie and The Dragon Heart, my purpose in coming here to Earth has become crystal clear. I am not here to forge my own path back to Heaven. I am here to help you bring the energies of Heaven to Earth. I am here so you can learn, so you can grow, so you can experience all of the beauty of this world with an energy that has only been otherworldly until now - the New Divine Love energy.

Impossible? I have been told that I am a dreamer, an optimist, a Pollyanna. Often, these words have been said as if they were epithets by people who cling to a grim thing they call reality, but to me these words are the most glorious compliments, the most incredible confirmations of my purpose here on Earth. Miracles surround us. We just have to open our eyes to them and welcome them into our hearts. This Divine Love transformation will happen faster than you know.

I left Heaven for you. I left Heaven so I could guide you in my own quiet way to transform this wonderful beautiful Earth into a glorious and tangible Heaven on Earth.

Miracles surround us.
Miracles of Forgiveness that are so deep nothing remains
No pain, no trauma, no harm
Miracles of Love
I have performed miracles and so shall you
The time is Now.

Kay the Angel

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